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Yangli Mechanical Press

Yangli Group is the pre-eminent manufacturer and supplier of mechanical press, high speed press, open back power press for long lasting precision and reliability.

Yangli has developed its R&D institute of strong technical capability, which has research branches for press machines, heavy-duty machine tools, precision machine tools and metal forming equipment under it. Yangli has set up cooperation relations with many research institutes inside and outside the country.

In recent years, Yangli has won 32 awards of the provincial and municipal levels for the technological advance, and has obtained 132 patents. It has undertaken 15 programs "Torch Project" and "Sparkle Project", distinguishing itself as a backbone enterprise in the production of CNC metal plate processing equipment and a core enterprise in the National Standardization Committee for Metal-forming Machinery and Press Machines.

If you want to get further information about these press machines, including mechanical press, high speed press, open back power press, please contact us. We'll be glad to reply you.

Quality Inspection

We have 187 inspectors and have established a inspection center with 2000m. And we also have three-coordinates measuring machines, lasers, laser interferometers metal analyzers and tool pre-setters and other instruments with total amount of over 50.

Production Accessories

Yangli's excellent and long term suppliers: SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB, OMRON, TACO, DICHTOMATIK, GEM-YEAR, HRB and WNM, etc.
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