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Manufacturing & Production

Production Guarantee

  • Yangli forced on every step of cutting, welding, heating, machining, buyoff and inspection, etc. with high level and much effort.
  • Every production department cooperates with another closely.
  • To be the best example for automotive lines production.

Image of Production Guarantee

Production Scale

  • Yangli's 5 plants of heavy duty, high precision, metal forming CNC and hydraulic.
  • Total 107 hectares area, among 50 hectares of manufacturing shop.
  • Max ton of crane for single part is 250 metric tons.
  • 6 automotive lines for press.
  • 50 thousand sets of production per year.

Image of Production Scale

Machining Equipments

  • 300 sets imported equipments with advanced technology: CNC milling and boring machining center, CNC machining center, CNC gantry machining center, CNC turning center, etc.
  • 2000 sets of general machining equipment: for gear, frame, slide, flywheel, disc, etc.
  • 8 automotive lines for cutting.

Image of Machining Equipments

Image of Machining Equipments

Advanced Technology

  • Casting to instead forging to improved intensity and rigidity.
  • Entire tempering and blasting for big parts.
  • 3 automotive lines for forging.
  • 4 automotive lines for welding.
  • 100 thousand metric tons of casting production per year.
  • 200 thousand metric tons of steel components production every year.

Image of Advanced Technology