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HPC Series

High-Speed Super Precision Press

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Main Features

  • The machine body and frame are made of high-strength cast iron, and are excellent in absorbing shocks and vibrations. In the case of high-speed stamping and feeding, the machine body remains steady and keeps vibration minimal, ensuring the long-term precision of the machine tool.
  • The main transmission mechanism has frequency conversion for speed variation, and ensures steady movement.
  • Imported rolling bearing is adopted for the main shaft of the press to ensure the precision of the press in transmission and reduce the total clearance and heat impact for the press.
  • The structure of slide block with double-side guide columns (two guide columns with one central column) is adopted to minimize the friction and thermal deformation, achieve the maximum precision and extend the service life of the die sets.
  • Manual adjustment with digital display for die height is adopted for the die-set height of the slide block, making operation easy and the precision of die height display up to 0.1mm.
  • Hydraulic die-lock device is adopted to ensure reliable lock-up and the precision of stamping for products.
  • THK ball-type linear guide rail of Japan is adopted for the slide block; and the THK linear bush of Japan is adopted for the two guide columns of the slide block, making the precision of the machine reach grade I JIS and the rigidity of the machine close to that of the close-type press. The machine tool adopts the mechanical die-set lockup and release device.
  • Forced thin oil lubrication system is adopted for the machine in complete set to ensure complete lubrication for the machine as a whole.
  • PLC + touch screen + electronic cam controller is adopted for the electrical control. It is also fitted with 4 groups of counters, 2 groups of wrong-feeding sockets, 2 groups of die-set failure sockets and 1 group and material checking socket.
  • MAC shut-off valve is adopted, and is marked with quick response and high accuracy, ensuring the reliable control of the clutch.


Model HPC-25 HPC-45
Capacity kN 250 450
Nominal Stroke mm 1.5 1.5
Slide Stroke mm 20 30 40 20 30 40
SPM min-1 200-500 200-400 200-300 500 400 300
Max. Die Height mm 195 190 185 265 260 255
Die Height Adjustment mm 30 30
Bolster (FB×LR×Thk) mm 650×400×75 800×400×180
Bolster Opening (FB×LR) mm 300×120 400×180
Slide Area (FB×LR) mm 280×250 380×320
Main Motor Power kW 5.5 7.5
Air Pressure MPa 0.5 0.5