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Company Culture


Future For Employees, Value For Customers, Prosperity For Society.
Following our mission, we strive for enterprise survival and development as well as the ultimate pursuit goals. Since Yangli was established, we follow this great mission to create a future for our employees, value for our customers and prosperity for society. We firmly believe that every act we make is a stone in history. And with our diligent Yangli employees, we will demonstrate their contributions as national machine industry leaders in the new century.


"To be the premier international metal forming machine tool manufacturer and service provider with the highest level of technical expertise."
This desire describes a blueprint of global industry leader to encourage Yangli employees to fight for this. With the current economic challenges and opportunities, Yangli will keep an open mind and have the foresight of global manufacturing advancements to continue to make great improvements.


CNC, Heavy Duty, Specialization, Management, International
CNC is the tendency of technology; Heavy Duty is the tendency of products; Specialization is the tendency of manufacture; Management is the tendency of business; International is the tendency of market.


Billon Enterprise, Century Enterprise
2011-2013: RMB 5 billion
2013-2015: RMB 10 billion
With a base of current sales at RMB 2.5 billion per year, we aim to double this over the target period. We target to establish a national engineering research center and a manufacturing base with high technology in order to further position Yangli as a global leader in the forging industry and a national metal forming machine tool manufacturing base.

Core Value:

Employees-oriented, Employees-first, Employees-friendly
"Employees-oriented" is to fully develop the role of all employees to absorb their wisdom and intelligence. "Employees-first" is to connect the enterprise development with the employees’ benefit, the enterprise management decision to insure continuous increase of employees' income. "Employees-friendly" is to earnestly protect employees' legitimate rights and interests, to care for their thoughts and life to establish a working environment with a great atmosphere and a vision for learning and advancement.


Realism, Innovation, Surpass
"Realism" is to proceed on fact and truth to create values benefit for employee, enterprise and society, which is the base for us to survive. "Innovation" is our method to advance in every field, such as organization, rule, policy and management, to improve and strengthen our enterprise. "Surpass" is a spirit to never be satisfied and to continuously improve. Always being at the forefront of the times, our enterprise can survive forever.

Attitude Style

Smart, Civilized, Enlightened
"Smart" is to grasp preemptive opportunities. "Civilized" means integrity. "Enlightened" is to pull together in difficulty times.

Yangli Logo

Jiangsu Yangli Group Corporation Limited uses the English word "Yangli" as our logo, for international recognition, also the pronunciation of the Yangli. "Y" is graphic processed as per enterprise features, which images the metal machining tools and present the concept "Give me a place to stand on and I can move the earth." Our red triangle and dark grey present our passion of sense and creation of precision. The logo presses enterprise spirit, which optimizes our brand image with a modern design.