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Auto CNC Punching Installation For Beam

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Main Features

AP1212 CNC fiexible metal-forming plant is specialized in machining the fore-and-aft beam platform of vehicle frame. Main components of the plant are 3-column CNC punching unit with linear tool, autoprogramed positioning system, mechanical positioning system (optional), material-loading device, material-unloading device, waste-discharging device and CNC system.


Model AP1212
Capacity kN 1200
Plate Thk mm 4-12
Plate Length mm 4000-12000
Plate Width mm 250-550
Max. Weight kg 600
Hydraulic Clamp Qty. 6-10
Hydraulic Clamp Force kN ≥ 20
Die Qty. 25
X-Max. Speed m/min 60
Y-Max. Speed m/min 30
Air Pressure MPa 0.5
Control Axis 2
Repositioning Accuracy mm ±0.02
Weight Ton 60

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